About Infrastructure

1.1. Promoters Name?

The Club has been promoted by Merlin Recreation Pvt. Ltd. a Merlin Group company.

1.2. Location and area of Princeton Club?

The club is located at 26, Prince Anwar Shah Road . It comprises of about 40,000 sq.ft. of covered area and about 20,000 sft. open areas.

1.3. Who has designed the Club?

The building complex, has been designed by Dulal Mukherjee & Associates one of the leading architects of Kolkata. The club layout plans have been carried out by Edifice, a leading architect firm of Mumbai and the interior designing and decoration has been planned by architect, Kamal Periwal of Maheshwari & Associates. Most of the execution has been done in-house by Merlin.

1.4. Information about the place?

We are well connected by the network of road & public transport system & metro. The club is easily accessible from the Eastern By-Pass through the P.A Shah Rd. connector & Southern Avenue through Lake Gardens flyover and from Golpark through Dhakuria Bridge . You can also avail the nearby metro facility, which is 1½ km away

1.5. Information about the traffic of the locality?

The four lanes P. A. Shah Road will make the traffic flow smooth on both sides.

1.6. Who is responsible for the greenery?

Primarily it is Mr. Sushil Mohta who has an obsession for landscaping and greenery. However, the overall design both for landscaping and hardscaping has been carried out by architect Ms.Suchandra Bardhan and the execution has been done in-house by Merlin.

1.7. Information about club infrastructure?

The club has been designed and put into operation keeping various factors in mind, the first being safety whereby according to the rules and regulations of the West Bengal Fire Services a wet riser system has been installed and for which a massive underground water reservoir has been constructed. Fire sensors, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, fire alarm system as well as fire hydrants, fire escape exits and manual fire extinguishers have been installed. In order to ensure non pollution from the club kitchen, proper fresh air ventilation has been provided and for the purpose of exhaust 2 chimneys with blowers have been raised above the roof of the 13 th floor of the building. Since 90% of the club is air-conditioned and the club will be using a number of modern electronic gadgets a 200KVA generator has been provided as a 100% power back-up in case of power failure. The various licences and clearances required for operating the club have also been obtained from the appropriate authorities.

1.8. What is the water source?

The club has its own deep tube well as well as corporation water supply both of which are routed through the club's own filtration plant before consumption.

1.9. Can the residents of Merlin Residency come directly from inside ?

No. There is no means of access for the residents of the building to enter the club save and except through the club entry which is to be used by all members whether building residents or outsiders or guests.

About Membership

2.1. Type/Profile of Members?

It's a cosmopolitan gentry.

2.2. What are the various types of membership your are offering?

  • Family
  • Individual
  • Corporate
  • Temporary
  • Sports
  • Honorary

For further details refer to the club rule numbers 8.1 to 8.9.

2.3. Do members have any voting right in the club?


2.4. If I take a membership now and in due course of time I need to cancel the same would I get a refund ?

Ans. There is no provision in the club rules for refund against cancellation of membership. However, a refund claim may be entertained by the club management strictly depending on the circumstances necessitating such cancellation and at the sole discretion of the management. (Refer to para 17.1 of the club rules & regulations and by-laws).

2.5. Is the membership transferable ?

In specific cases – yes (Refer to para 11 (a) to (e) in the Rules & Regulations of the club).

If I decide that I do not want the membership then can I transfer my membership ?

Incase you decide to leave the city for good and can convince us to that effect we will allow a transfer but according to our transfer laws i.e. you will need to find a member who will pay us the contemporary entrance charges and we will then refund your initial amount to you WITHOUT ANY INTEREST.

2.6. What is the membership procedure?

You need to apply for the membership by filling up a form. If your application is accepted, you will be called for an interview shortly thereafter. You will be given a letter of membership and you will then need to pay the balance amount of Rs. 1500,000/- and you will become a permanent member of the club.

2.7. What is the Membership Fees?

Rs. 1,50,000/-+ Tax for 10 years & Rs. 250000+Tax for long term till 2040

2.8. This 2,50,000 entitles me the use of the club and what else?

Just the membership cost of the club is 2,50,000/- the facilities are all charged extra, however if you are not a frequent user of the club this charge will be very nominal and easily affordable. Also if you are a frequent user, then you can apply for SCHEME II which is a very subsidized rate to facilitate all family members to use the facility without pinching the pocket.

2.9. Why is the subscription amount so high? Can it be adjusted with the bill amount?

The subscription is not high when you compare it with Royal which is Rs. 450 + a minimum billing of Rs. 600/-. A very large area unlike other clubs are air-conditioned. The subscription is for the maintenance and upkeep of your facility without which your investment in the club membership will leave you with a dilapidated facility.

2.10. Is it a lifetime membership ?

In a manner of speaking it is . It is valid up to the year 2040 which is about 34 years. You can jokingly add that sir when a man gets a life sentence it is generally 14 years or more then why can't a membership which is almost 34 years be called a lifetime membership.

2.11. My wife & Children are they members?

Sir You wife is a member for the same period also. Your children however under the present rules and regulations shall be members only till the age of 18, after which their membership will automatically lapse. You may however apply for an associate membership at an additional cost of Rs. 10,000/ ( today's rate, may change in the future ) and the child may then use the club upto the age of 23 years.

2.12. But I am taking the membership for the children only?

Then you may restrict them to the areas where children are not allowed and they can play carom, pool, table tennis, squash, Badminton, swim and thoroughly enjoy themselves. The membership to Prince should be taken if you feel you are going to use the clubs facilities and as per the rules and regulations.

2.13. Can my children use the club ?

Members children are also members of the club and are entitled to use the same till the age of 18 and thereafter till the age of 23 where after they cease to be a member of the club unless they apply before the age of 23 to become individual/family members. (Refer to para 12.1 & 12.2 of the Rules & Regulations of the club).

2.14. Till what age a minor can enjoy the club facilities? What age limit will be kept for minors?


2.15. Can our children sign the bills ?

Yes, but the members are fully responsible for the payment of the bill as well as for the conduct of the children. (Refer to para 12(b) & (c) in the Rules & Regulations of the club).

2.16. Can my parents, brother, sister use the club ?

By all means as a guest only against payment of applicable guest fees and subject to the rules and regulations applicable to guests (refer to para 16 Clauses 16 (i) to 16 (iv) of the Rules & Regulations of the club).

2.17. Will my parents who stay with me be allowed to use the club?

No Sir parents are not allowed as members, they will have to be treated as guests and may accompany you as guests only

2.18. How can I make my parents come in as guests?

Sir to please you if I gave you any other assurance it would be wrong so I thought it best to tell you clearly what we have been told and Your family comprises of you, your wife and your children and your family is allowed in as members only.

2.19. When will the membership cards be ready?

Normally it took about a month's time but we are changing the vendors to provide the cards in 48-72 hours. The cards anyway sir shall not really be required as your photo id is on every computer.

2.20. Can my family member who is not a member of your club enter the club in my absence? (esp. in case of Residency)

At the moment our directive is very clear that the Club is for the Members and their accompanied guests only. Relatives cannot be considered as extensions of the family and anyway there is no provision for extensions of families also. We however need to check with MPL regarding this.

2.21. Can the dependent parents of the members staying out of Kolkata use the club?(in case of Residency and if yes how?

We are allowing the parents of such NRI's to be treated as Associate members and for this you will need to make an application in writing to the General Manager, who in turn will get back to you within a day or two.

About Facilities

.1. What are the sports facilities available ?

The club being in the heart of the city has limited open spaces for outdoor sports activities. However, indoor facilities such as squash, snooker, billiards, pool, table tennis, carom, chess, darts, and cards are available. Badminton can be played outdoors during the winter season on specific days and times. The club also has a well equipped gymnasium with internationally renowned equipment as well as a spa with steam, sauna and massage facilities. It also has an open air swimming pool. For further details such as times and rates you may contact the Sports Manager at the club.

3.2 What are the various charges for various facilities ?

The charges for various facilities may change from time to time. The list of the current charges can be handed over with an advice to the member to reconfirm the same with the front desk at the club before incurring any charges.

3.3. When we have paid such a high membership fees why do we need to pay for the facilities?

The fees offers you the exclusivity of the Club. It is only a small portion of the amount to provide you all these facilities. The Facilities charges are very nominal and go towards providing only a small amount of the cost of manpower required to man and maintain the facilities.

3.4. Can I play badminton, other things in the open area ?

Only on specific days and time (which are subject to change periodically – so members are advised to check up with the Sports Executive at the club).

3.5. Will the swimming pool be temperature controlled?

No since the pool is open air it is not possible to be temperature controlled. The club is however planning to install a Jacuzzi which will perhaps be temperature controlled. At the moment we are unable to make a firm commitment.

3.6. What are the kinds of program will you have at Princeton ?

Sir every club has its own character and it takes time for the character to build. With a Sports Bar we feel it will be more focused in events which are normally associated with a place having a sports bar and so a lot of musicals, bands performing, disco nights, fashion shows, etc. However we will also focus on health, and vocational programmes which are good for everyone in general like introducing, therapeutic Yoga, Aerobics, Dance and from time to time what ever we feel will be good for the members and the Club.

3.7. When will the squash court and Jacuzzi be ready?

The squash court is nearing completion and should be ready in another 2-3 weeks. The Jacuzzi will be considered at a later date.

About Food & Beverages

.4.1. What are the F&B facilities available in the club ?

The club has 2 restaurants, a coffee shop, a formal bar and a sports bar together with a juice counter. There is also a snack counter in the swimming pool area. In addition there is a large banquet hall which can be divided into 3 if required. Both the restaurants serve multi cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. One of the restaurants has a party room which can cater to 12 to 15 guests at a time separately. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at specific times. The coffee shop serves a variety snacks at certain hours of the day. The formal bar and the sports bar serve alcohol, cocktails and mock tails as well as dry snacks – no rice or gravy dishes are permitted in the bars. The juice counter in the sports bar is for mock tails and other soft drinks and dry snacks for the children. The snack counter serves sandwiches, pizzas, cakes and soft drinks – no other items are served here. The banquet hall caters various items tailor made as per requirement for functions and parties, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. For further details and rates you need to contact F&B Manager at the club.

4.2. Will there be a pub in the club?


4.3. Will you allow alcohol in the club?

We have the largest sports bar in kolkata and will definitely have a lot of alcohol being consumed in the club. Please however note that excise rules will not allow us to permit children below 18 years of age in the sports bar.

4.4. Is there an exclusive vegetarian restaurant?

Originally, the club intended to have an exclusive vegetarian restaurant but for the purpose of service convenience it has been decided that both restaurants will serve vegetarian/non-vegetarian, Indian, English, Chinese cuisine. However, the food preparation both in the case of restaurants as well as banquets the food preparation as originally planned will continue to be out of separate veg./non-veg. kitchens.

4.5. What are the restaurant rates and capacity?

The restaurant rates provided the décor and service are considered buy most as being extremely reasonable. Portions are priced at 60-70 rupees only.

4.6. What is the cuisine and how do you rate the quality?

The cuisine is mainly Chinese, Indian, Tandoor, Continental, Mexican, Italian. The quality however is best judged by one self and please feel free to dine at the restaurant any day to decide for yourself. I however take this opportunity to say the quality has been excellent.

4.7. Can we book the tables in the restaurant in advance?

Yes of course, please call the club, ask to be transferred to the Restaurant, speak to the Captain on duty and make your booking. You may also be able to check out the rates and discuss your menu too.

4.8. Why isn't there music playing in the Sports Bar other than FM?

The music in the sports bar may have been FM when you were there. However it will cater to a range of music and will be based on the kind of programme from time to time. The channel music can and will be changed to suit the mood of the day.

4.9. What are the timings for Sports Bar?

Clubs have a different license to those of Night Clubs. The Normal Bar timings will be 11.00 am to 11.00 pm. However it shall often be used much later than that with a late bar license sometimes operating till 2.00 am.

4.10. When will the disco start?

The attempt to popularize the Saturday night first has only just begun, however without the Bar License we need to go a little slow on this. If we get the right numbers we are willing to get a temporary license for every Saturday Night.

About Conferencing / Banqueting

.5.1. What are the Banquet rates and capacity?

Rates for the Hall for Guests is Rs. 10,000 and for members it is Rs. 5,000/. The menu rates range from 400 onwards and depending on your selection of the menu. The capacity is upto 1000 persons.

5.2. What are the charges for a birthday party/celebration/use of banquet hall ?

The club is equipped with air-conditioned areas of various sizes complete with food and beverage facilities which can be used by members for birthdays, anniversaries, kitty parties, receptions and use of banquet hall. There are 2 ways – one is the food and beverage bill plus the venue charge. Alternatively a per head package can be worked out which includes the food and beverage and the venue on the basis of the number of heads and the menu. Alcoholic drinks are always charged separately at bar rates. No outside food or dink are permitted inside the club no matter what the occasion may be. For rates and menu member should contact the F&B Manager at the club.

About Accommodation

6.1. What are the room rates?

Rs. 2400 + Tax for member & Rs. 2900+Tax for member’s guest.

6.2. How to go about the booking of rooms?

The reception will take your call and check with their booking register. They would be able to help you with all your queries. The rooms are neat, clean, comfortable, with AC and a TV and I'm sure one will be very satisfied here.

About Billing

7.1. What will be monthly charges in the club?

Yes, it will be appox Rs.650/-+ Tax a month as subscription.

7.2. What will be the penalty if the member delays/defaults in paying his dues?

In case of delays interest and penalty will be levied. In case of continued delays and or defaults, membership will be terminated (Refer para 24 of club rules & regulations)

About Reciprocal Clubs

8.1. Do you have reciprocal arrangement with other clubs ?

Yes, we do. In fact we have 3 types of reciprocal arrangements, however all are subject to the rules and regulations of the reciprocating club. Firstly we have a tie-up with IAC (International Associates Club) through whom our members can visit more than 3,000 clubs internationally. Secondly, we have direct reciprocals with a host of clubs both in India and overseas. Thirdly, we have a tie-up with IHRSA (International Health, Racquet & Sports Club Association) through whom our members can once again participate in 4,000 clubs all over the world. These clubs however are mostly health clubs, health resorts and spas. For further details and list of reciprocal clubs you may contact Executive - Member Services at the club.

About Restrictions

9.1. Are pets allowed in the club ?



About Club

0.1. What is the main USP of the Club?

It is located in the heart of South Kolkata and is well connected by various means of transport. It is a boon for hundreds of families keen to have membership with a social club which also provides sufficient recreational sports, food & beverage, banqueting and facilities for conferences, seminars and business meets. It has a very good and exclusive membership profile with members from all walks and various stratas of society creating a fusion of cast and culture and can safely be considered as an extension of one's home. Special attention is given to cleanliness and hygiene, quality and service, health and fitness, business and pleasure and of course wining and dining. Adequate car parking facilities. Membership to this club is not restricted to the club alone – members can enjoy reciprocal facilities with innumerable clubs all over India as well as many other parts of the world.

10.2. Why should one take up membership of Princeton Club ?


What are the other benefits to the members ?

The club has the right blend of like minded fellow members which makes it a perfect platform for social interaction and creating new family friends. A number of activities, functions, get-togethers, exhibitions and mega events will be regularly organized by the club which will provide a pass-time and a learning experience for members and their children of various age groups. It is also an avenue through which many hidden talents of both the members and their children can be exposed and developed. Above all, children are always under the watchful eye of their parents and of the alert club management. In addition to the above, it is a means of extending a member's holiday and experience all throughout the country as well as abroad through the reciprocal membership arrangement that the club offers.